Wednesday, May 9, 2012

For Php 3,000 pesos less, we enjoyed a day in Puting Buhangin (1)

BBL Trans is located at Pasay Taft near Cor Buendia. Starting point of our Pagbilao Quezon trip. We told the Bus Conductor to drop us at Lucena Grand Terminal wherein we can ride a Bus going to Pagbilao. The trip took almost 4 hours. We left Buendia at 7:20pm and arrived in Lucena at past 11pm.

We plan to look for an accommodation but decided to stay overnight in Grand Terminal. It’s not wise to take a risk to travel in the middle of the night and to catch a last trip going to Pagbilao, for there is no assurance that we can find a cheap accommodation there.

Lucena Central Grand Terminal is a nice Bus Terminal that I have seen. It is clean and very organized. The chairs are nice to sit in wherein we took a nap. The Comfort Rooms, though has an entrance fee (Php5.00) are clean, added that there are a lot of Food Stalls in the area that serves good and delicious budget meals. Lugaw Goto is my favorite, sprinkled with lots of fried garlic, and Princess Lugaw is highly recommended for their delicious congees.

At 5am, we hop in an ordinary Bus going to Pagbilao. We paid 12.00 pesos each. And again, our best companion while travelling first time is “Magta”. Magtanong or ask locals about what to ride and where to ride for your particular destination. Upon reaching Pagbilao, we walked from the highway to Pagbilao Market. The Puj terminal for Bgy Polo is there. We bought some foods and groceries, for our one day stay. PUJ bound to Bgy Polo starts at 7 AM, we arrived there around 5:30 am. No choice but to wait till 7am.

From Pagbilao Market to Bgy Polo took almost an hour travel. Manong PUJ Driver talked to one Manong Tricycle Driver (Kuya Lupe) to take us to Puting Buhangin. The locals there called it as Lukang Beach. We paid Kuya Lupe P100 pesos for a special ride. It is a good catch since travelling from Bgy Polo crossing to Lukang Beach Parking lot took almost 20-25 mins added that we are travelling in a very rough road.

From Lukang Beach parking lot, we rode a boat crossing the lake to Lukang Beach. At the shore, we met Ate Gemma, the new care taker. Good thing that they are going too to Lukang Beach proper. The shore that I am talking is not yet the Lukang Beach. After crossing the lake, you need to trek for 15 mins by land. Or if by boat, there are additional fee. But since ate Gemma and her teen age bangkero will go there too to deliver some goods, we hop in and gave Totoy, (the teenage boy) a tip for P 50.00.

Entrance fee for Lukang Beach is 50.00 pesos for a day visit and 150.00 for overnight stay. There are no class A accommodation there but if you plan to stay overnight, it is advisable to bring your own tent. There are cottages for P350.00 but are open cottages. Fresh water for bathing costs 30.00 pesos per container. There are only 2 shower rooms, or I may say Buhos rooms, not comfort rooms.

Bringing your own food and drinking water is a good and best thing to do, for there are no available stores there.Puting Buhangin is a place wherein you can go back to basics. If you really want to unwind and to commune with nature, not far from Manila, go there like we did.

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