Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I am very blessed to have a friend who shares the same passion as mine. The passion to explore and to travel. We love our own native land, the Philippines, and here we want to start our journeys. We want to travel around the Philippines and explore its beauty. We want to show the World that truly, it’s more FUN in the Philippines.

We are inspired by the famous travel bloggers like Sole Sisters, Journeying James, Chyng Reyes, Ironwulf, and many others who have the heart to live their life at its own best. They live their life to the fullest. They explore things, they travel and they are HAPPY.

My friend Judith A.K.A Bicolang Lakwatsera has been into many places. She went to places as tourist and started her blogs. I encouraged her to travel together if time and budget permits. And we agreed to set a fund for our escapades, by putting aside a little amount to this fund every payday.

There are a lot of plans, and we hope that we can do it. Alone or together as a team.

So, Pagbilao in Quezon Province is our ice breaker. We visited Puting Buhangin at Kwebang Lampas A.K.A Lukang Beach. Thank you for a one day holiday of May 1. It’s labors day. So it is our day!

After a whole at the office (it’s the Last day of April,) we excitedly walked to Quezon Ave. to hail a PUJ bound to Quiapo and from there, we rode another PUJ to Lawton. We thought that Park N Ride terminal has Buses going to Lucena or Quezon Provinces, but the Bus Conductor loitering around told us that Buses to Lucena are in Buendia Pasay City. So, we hop in another PUJ for Buendia. We didn’t notice the traffic. I think our excitement to smell the sea breeze of Puting BUhanging conquers all the tiredness and sleepiness that we feel.

Siopao Bola-Bola is our dinner/snack while the BBL Bus started its engine. Yes! See you Puting Buhangin!

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  1. Cool story, and that is great that you travel as friends in search of adventure! I look forward to following you and Judith both as you write more about your escapades. I think you offer some great information as well as really nice photos. Your passion to show the world that it's more fun in the Philippines will help to bolster tourism from Pinoys, foreigners, and people like myself who are foreigners but consider themself practically balikbayans because of their strong family ties there and love for the Philippines (my wife and I want to have an early retirement in Philippines). I am sure your blog and Judith's blog will become very successful.


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