Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mariang Lagalag

I knew from the very start that I have an itchy sole. I love nature. I love God’s creations. I love adventures and I love doing even the hardest and difficult things called challenges. But some life’s obligations hinder me doing the things that I love, especially when I became a mother at the age of 23. I need to focus myself raising my son, by working hard and setting aside my dreams and passion.

But, now, I am nearly reaching the age of 37, I think and believe that it is not too late for me to follow my heart’s desires. This is the reason why I started my blog Mariang Lagalag.

I chose this name because my real name has Maria in it, and Lagalag describes being a traveler.

I would like to thank my favorite travel bloggers (you don’t know me personally) but I know you thru reading your blogs. You didn’t know how much you inspired me to get out from my shell. I love reading your blogs, and it teaches me a lot. You gave me ideas:

Lakwatsera de Primera

We are Sole Sisters

Journeying James

No Spam No Virus No Kidding


Poor Traveler

Pinay Solo Backpacker

I am not good at writing. I am not good in taking photographs. But I know that practice makes perfect. So, please allow me to enter your world. It’s not too late for me, do you agree?


  1. Hi mercy! True. It's not too late to follow your heart's desires. keep on blogging.

  2. Hi Dee, thank you so much..God Bless

  3. Hi Mercy, congrats on the blog. I agree with you that it's never too late to follow your passion. Good luck on the rest of your adventures! :)

  4. Hi Kara,
    Thanks for dropping by! God Bless...

  5. hi maria! high payb para sa isang babaeng lagagal! keep on traveling ♥

  6. Hi Chyng.. idol.. thanks... huhuhu touched ako... u dropped by sa aking munting blogs na kaunti pa ang laman.. promise.. lalagalag ako forever ..!


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