Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Moment of Silence at Wawa Dam

I need silence for a while. I need something that can refresh my spirit and soul. I want to be separated from a noisy and polluted world.

Then I go… found myself sharing laughers and jokes with my friends at Wawa Dam.

Wawa Dam is Located in Montalban Gorge (Rodriguez Rizal) where the story of legendary Bernardo Carpio was supposed to happen, Wawa Dam is a pretty nice place to just pass the time. Built in 1909, it used to be Manila’s primary water source until it was replaced by the La Mesa/Ipo/Angat watershed system.

About 45 minutes drive from Marikina, in that sunny afternoon; we are already at the entrance of Wawa Dam. After paying P20 pesos as entrance fee, for five of us or car entrance, (not clear to me) and P50 pesos parking fee, but actually there is no standard parking rate here, you can only ask someone or one of the locals to look for your vehicle. We are fortunate to find one Nipa hut owned by one of the locals, where we parked our car for a cheaper fee.

The Nipa Cottages that can be rented for P100

My sole sister/buddy Juday

Raft as mode of transportation

Going to Wawa Dam sprouts some Sari-sari stores; it is very easy and convenient to buy necessities. There are a lot of vegetables and fruits that you can buy for a cheaper price.

What I like in Wawa Dam is the landscapes and rock formations. You cannot imagine that there is a place like this that is very serene, quiet and refreshing, not far from noisy Metro Manila.

The water on the lake is kind of like color moss green, perhaps that there are a moss under water.

We never tried to swam or dip our feet on the cold water. What we want to do at that moment is to explore and took pictures.

Wawa Dam is accessible by private car, jeepney, and FX taxis; cabs are not common, From Cubao, Quezon City, take the FX vans bound for Eastwood parked in front of either Tropical Hut or in front of Jollibee, in Farmer’s along EDSA. One way costs P50 each. Once in Eastwood, take the jeepney bound for Wawa or Yagit for only P8.

To those who want to go to Wawa Dam, here are some Fast Facts

1. Wawa Dam is originally located at Gorge , Montalban Rizal now Rodriguez

2. Travel time from Cubao/Marikina/Litex Road approx 45mins -1 hr

3. Prepare P20 for the entrance fee

4. Parking Fee range from 50-100 depending how generous you are

5. Bring some foods though there are a lot of Sari-sari store along the way, but some are selling with higher mark-ups

6. Cottages /Balsa can be rented for 100 pesos

7. Use of C.R is not for free. Bring some coins 3.00 to 5.00 per use

8. Be careful when crossing the hanging bridges, there are some holes

9. The fall back is that there are some drunken men. Pray that they will not cause troubles, for there are no guards/security personnel around. Not at all.

10. There are a lot of things you can do aside from swimming, though. You can go bouldering and rock climbing;

Over-all Wawa Dam is a nice place. A place wherein you can go to, if you want to unwind, refresh and feel God’s gift of nature. If you love landscapes, lakes and water, Wawa Dam is the nearest place to go.

Truly, it is more fun in the Philippines because simple people with simple joys, appreciates simple place in a simplest ways.


  1. Its a nice place... i wanna go back soon

  2. yeah but first, Iam so excited sa trip mamaya

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  4. wow! i never knew this existed in Rizal.. hehe! visiting your blog made me realize na i should be visiting the province of Rizal, first, before going out of it... oh well... hopefully, our barkada will be able to do that... ^_^ thanks for the infos...

  5. Thanks for dropping by Anne Trinidad-Legson... God Bless po! :)


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