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Bonding in Fort Santiago

Fort Santiago is one of my favorite places. Apart from its beautiful landscape and quiet promenade, Fort Santiago is a place filled with history and memories.

Fort Santiago is also the place full and rich with happy memories of my teen-age life. Fort Santiago became the witness of laughter and fun with my peers.

Fort Santiago is the witness of our secrets.

Rizal Shrine’s was the first subject model for our isometric drawings project in School.

Fort Santiago also witnessed my first love.

Last October 2010, after I cast my vote for the National Barangay Election, I , together with my Son Jeff, My hubby Jun and my youngest Sister Neri, went to Fort Santiago for a picnic.

Fort Santiago is a two-jeepney ride from our home in Tondo Manila. P 8.00 minimum fare if you are coming from Zaragosa St in Delpan Tondo, but in our case, we were coming from Moriones, we need to ride PUJ from Moriones to Zaragosa, then Zaragosa to Pier South. And from the Old BIR building, we crossed the Bonifacio Circle and there, a little walk is the Fort Santiago.

There are a lot of public utility vehicles that pass by at Fort Santiago, Sta-Cruz Malanday Pier, from Monumento and Quiapo-pier for PUJs coming from Quezon City.It is across/near Plaza De Gobernador Building.

The entrance is Php 75.00 pesos for Adults and Php 50 special entrance rate for Students.

One thing that makes Fort Santiago so cute for me are the gwardiya sibil (guardia civil) of the Spanish colonial era . There is also a 30 minutes kalesa ride for Php 250.00 for a whole tour inside Fort Santiago and aboard a tranvia, a pre-war Manila street car.

But we practically took leisurely walk around Fort Santiago and had a picnic.

You can Contact: 527-2961 (Intramuros Visitors Center); 527-2961 (Fort Santiago Office); 527-3138 (Intramuros Administration) for more information.

sitting at the canyon


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